Our Agenda: Build a Georgia Where Families Can Thrive, Businesses Can Grow, and Every Georgian – No Matter Their Station in Life – Has the Opportunity to Achieve Their Own American Dream.

Economy & Jobs

Our caucus is keenly aware that the laws we pass under the Gold Dome have implications far beyond the walls of the Capitol building. Economic development touches nearly every policy area we consider – whether health care, tax policy, transportation, or education – and requires a comprehensive approach to build dynamic communities equipped to attract investment and new jobs.

We are committed to keeping Georgia the #1 state in the nation in which to business, and we will continue to advocate for policies that promote safety, health care accessibility, strong schools, and low taxes.


Every Georgia child deserves a world-class education, and our caucus continues to work to make that belief a reality. Year after year, Georgia’s education system continues to improve: our high school graduation rate stands at 79.2%, an increase of 6% since 2014, we have enacted innovative reforms to rescue an estimated 89,000 students from 153 failing schools around our state, and we continue to dedicate additional funds to our public education system every year.

Georgia is blessed to have over 110,000 career teachers and administrators serving every day to shape the minds of the next generation. Our teachers are the cornerstone of our education system, and our caucus understands that it is imperative to give these dedicated men and women the resources they need to succeed inside and outside the classroom.

Transportation Infrastructure

As Georgia’s population and economy continues to grow, the demands on our state’s transportation infrastructure will only increase. While Georgia has committed $10 billion over the next 10 years to surface road improvements through the passage of HB 170 in 2015, our state continues to face unique infrastructure challenges moving forward:

  • Metro Atlanta: In the metro Atlanta region, we can no longer simply rely on bigger roads to relieve traffic congestion. To remain competitive economically, Georgia must identify pragmatic transit solutions that provide commuters with cost-effective alternatives to the traditional automobile commute.
  • Port of Savannah: One of Georgia’s greatest economic assets is the Port of Savannah – the fastest growing port in the United States as well as the largest single container terminal in North America. As larger and more numerous ships call on our port, we must ensure our state’s road and rail infrastructure have the capability to move increased freight to market.
  • Rural Communities: The economic vitality of our rural communities requires that we continue to invest in infrastructure improvements that assist these regions in attracting new business and growth.

Budget & Taxes

Each legislative session, the House Republican Caucus’ #1 priority is passing a budget that demonstrates to every hard-working Georgian our commitment to being responsible stewards of their tax dollars. Since the Great Recession, we have worked diligently to budget conservatively and have sought to build our state’s Revenue Shortfall Reserve fund (a.k.a. our Rainy Day fund) to an all-time high of $2.5 billion by the end of 2018. Thanks to this fiscal responsibility, Georgia continues to receive an ‘AAA’ Bond rating from all three credit rating agencies – one of nine states that currently meet this standard.

While our counterparts in Washington continue to struggle to balance the national budget, Georgia taxpayers can rest assured that our caucus will always fight for conservative budgets that keep taxes low!

Public Safety & 2nd Amendment

Our caucus has worked tirelessly to advance common sense, conservative legislation that strengthens our 2nd Amendment Rights and protects Georgia’s sporting heritage. Our caucus believes in the right of every Georgian to defend his or herself and their family from danger, and we will continue to work to protect our right to “keep and bear arms.”

Rural Development

During the 2017 Session, the Georgia House Republican Caucus took the first step in a multi-year initiative aimed at revitalizing and empowering the rural communities across our state. Recognizing the unique needs of the millions of Georgians living outside our metropolitan regions, our caucus spearheaded the formation of the House Rural Development Council (RDC).

Over the coming years, our caucus will continue to champion policies that aim to reinvigorate our rural communities and economies. Whether pursuing enhanced broadband access, workforce training, or access to health care, we understand rural Georgia can no longer wait for action.




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