As the United States economy continues to struggle under the heavy hand of the federal government, the Georgia House Republican Caucus will continue efforts to push for common sense, conservative legislation that empowers job creators, encourages economic development opportunities, and enhances educational opportunities for our children and grandchildren.

This is the agenda of the Georgia House Republican Caucus for the 2014 Legislative Session:

Balance the Budget

Unlike the federal government, Georgia is required to balance its budget annually.  This year, we will work together to prioritize spending initiatives and eliminate wasteful or duplicative programs.

Protect and Enhance 2nd Amendment Rights 

Our gun rights are under siege by the federal government.  We will work during the 2014 Legislative Session to enhance 2nd Amendment Rights in Georgia for law-abiding gun owners.

Stop Obamacare

Obamacare is a trillion dollar failure that must be stopped.  In the Georgia General Assembly, we will work to protect Georgia citizens from the full wrath of this disastrous legislation.

Empower Job Creators

Georgia is now the #1 place to do business in the United States but we must continue efforts in the State House to maintain our business-friendly status.  By reducing or removing anti-business regulations and taxes, we can bring more jobs and more investment to the Peach State.

Improve Education

Georgia will continue its commitment to improving and enhancing education for future generation by protecting local control, creating new education options, expanding flexibility for parents and restoring vital funding for our schools and teachers.

Promote Georgia Agriculture 

As the state’s number one industry, promoting and protecting Georgia’s agriculture industry is a top priority of the House Republican Caucus. We will continue to work to push policies that grow and promote our agriculture industry.


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